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Sentry Technology Corporation traveling video systems transmit images from a PTZ camera mounted on a carriage that travels along a rail attached to the ceiling of any facility. The camera provides unobstructed views of people and processes that are not possible with stationary cameras. Sentry systems are operated using a joy stick console, a cell phone or tablet and over the internet. Systems patrol from a central vantage point, covering the entire facility at an affordable price.

Sentry Technology is the leading manufacturer of traveling video systems since the introduction of our first design in 1997. In 2001 the company launched SmartTrack™ a traveling carriage with two fully programmable PTZ’s. Thousands of SmartTrack™ systems have been installed worldwide serving leading retailers, distribution hubs, couriers and public transportation facilities.

VideoRailway™ is our exciting new design that takes traveling video to entirely new level. The system features a single HD/IP video camera that travels along straight and curved rail segments that can be configured in a continuous loop. The system is backwards compatible with analogue designs while also interfacing with the latest digital networks.